Welcome. I’m Elliot – one of the Northern Kings

“Elliot – the socially acceptable face of the Northern Kings”

Steve Hildrew

The Northern Kings are a group of friends and long time wargamers who decided to come together to share out the responsibilities of running a tournament. We hold Kings of War events in the North of England, our focus has always been on running high quality no-fuss events that focus on good games, against great opponents with the best possible quality food alongside it!

We’ve also written our own tournament scoring system – unsurprisingly called ‘The Northern Kings Scoring System’

The Blog

Army Review: Undead

While I am a big fan of the traditional army review format, they usually only show the opinion of one person playing in one particular meta. In reality even within the same gaming group there is often a lot of disagreement over which units are top tier and which leave a lot to be desired. … Continue reading “Army Review: Undead”