Call to Arms – Round 1 stats

Round 1 has drawn to a close just under a week early – its almost like we all have lots of free time on our hands for some reason. 73 games took place, making A Call to Arms 4 officially the largest Kings of War event ever.

We’re seeing a fantastic variety in armies used, with all 26/26 races being represented in round 1. It’ll be really interesting to see if that variety continues into the later rounds, or if people start to gravitate towards the races that are doing better.

We’ve seen some really big wins this round, with 17 people scoring the maximum 25 points – looks like round 2 is going to be a tough fight on the top tables.

While its definitely still early days, there already seems to be some races struggling to keep up. Dwarfs (of both colours), Kingdoms of Men, Orcs and Empire of Dust need some worthy champions to step up and score some wins with them!

As the tournament progresses and I get access to more data, I’ll be expanding the analysis.

Any questions or feedback, let me know.

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