Call to Arms – Round 2 Stats

Round 2 of a Call to Arms has drawn to a close and that means one thing – juicy juicy stats!

The stats for round 1 can be found here.

Tournament Stats

The scenario this round was Pillage with a set 6 objectives. Pillage is a simple scenario but one of the best in my opinion.

71/73 games took place. The results for the other two were decided by the TO Adam – he wasn’t joking when he said get your results in or he’d decide them for you!

Once again, all 26 races were represented at least once. Its becoming obvious that some factions are much more popular than others – its almost like Undead are really really good!

I’m surprised to see Goblins so far down the list, I thought people might use the opportunity to take the crazy hordes lists that you wouldn’t ever want to build in real life.

The most popular points value was again 2300 points with 56% choosing to play at that level.

We saw a big reduction in the number of people scoring the maximum points this round. I’m not sure if this is because Pillage is a harder scenario to score full points on, or if the players were more evenly matched because of the swiss ranking up system. My guess would be that its a little early in the tournament for swiss ranking to be having much effect, so the scenario is definitely having some impact.

On average, people also killed a lower percentage of their opponent’s army. I’d guess that this is because Dominate (the scenario in round 1) encourages a big brawl in the centre of the board, whereas Pillage is more spread out.

It’ll be really interesting to see if we get see less big results scored as players become more evenly matched – or if there is a clear pattern between results and the scenario played.

Army Stats

Its not a good day to be a Dwarf! Or at least, not a well behaved Dwarf. Dwarfs and Free Dwarfs have a combined total of 19 games played, but a win rate of only 21%.

At the moment, Elves are the only army with a 100% win rate – although to be fair that is only out of 5 games.

I think that the amount of armies that are on or around a 50% win rate is a really good indication of the balance within Kings of War – it does also highlights that there are a few armies that seem to need a boost.

The Elves and Brothermark lead the way with the average amount of bonus points scored, but again these results should be taken with a pinch of salt because they are based on relatively low number (only 2 in the Brothermark’s case).

The highest scoring army with a decent number of results is Undead.

I’m not surprised by this at all as I personally think Undead are the strongest Kings of War faction. It shows that their popularity is at least partially because they’re a powerful army and not just because people like the fluff or playstyle etc.

Poor Dwarfs…

While I’m very impressed with the amount of kills the handful of Elf generals have managed to achieve, once again I’d be cautious about putting too much weight on their place in the rankings – their average is out of only 5 games compared to Undead’s 25.

Varangur take the top spot in the ‘decent number of games played’ category. Its fitting that Varangur should have such a high average percentage of kills as they’re such an aggressive in your face army.

As a baseline to compare against, the overall average percentage of enemy’s army killed is currently 60%.

The two charts above show the win percentage and average percentage of enemy army killed for the armies that have more than 10 result. I’d consider these a more reliable measure of how the army is performing.

There’s currently a significant difference between the highest and lowest win rates and it’ll be really interesting to see if this carries on as the tournament progresses. As players are matched up more in line with their skill level, we’d expect to see all the armies evening out at around 50%, so any outliers might suggest that an army is too powerful, or could do with a boost.

Country Stats

Call to Arms 4 truly is an international tournament, with 14 different countries represented.

The United States make up just under 50% of the field with the UK second (21%) followed by Australia (9%) and Canada (8%).

Spain is currently out in front in terms of win percentage – the Spaniards have won an impressive 58% of their games so far.

Quite a few countries are represented by just one of two people, so for the sake of more even comparison I’ve split off the ‘big five’ into a separate chart – these are the countries that have more than 10 players representing them.

Starting in round 3, I’ll be sharing a table showing each country’s win rate is vs each other country, so in your round 3 games don’t forget that you’re representing your country!

Round 3 is going to be Kill, using the modified Northern Kings version, so it’ll be really interesting what impact that has on the stats and if the different style of scenario mixes things up a bit.

As usual you can find the game rounds here:…/rounds

You can find the current rankings here:…/ladder

Results get entered here:

Mark Cunningham has created a website for the event that’s pretty handy you can find it here:

Good luck and happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “Call to Arms – Round 2 Stats”

  1. Hi Just a caveat of care needed on drawing too much inference from people selecting 2300pts over 2000pt games, as to obtain the full 5 bonus kill points you need to have killed 95% of the opposition at 2000pts, but only 84.6% at 2300pts

    For 2000 pts
    300+ or 15.00% gives 1 Kill VP
    700+ or 35.00% gives 2 Kill VP
    1100+ or 55.00% gives 3 Kill VP
    1500+ or 75.00% gives 4 Kill VP
    1900+ or 95.00% gives 5 Kill VP

    For 2300 pts
    345+ or 15.00% gives 1 Kill VP
    745+ or 32.40% gives 2 Kill VP or 2.6% easier than at 2000pts
    1145+ or 49.80% gives 3 Kill VP or 5.2% easier than at 2000pts
    1545+ or 67.20% gives 4 Kill VP or 7.8% easier than at 2000pts
    1945+ or 84.60% gives 5 Kill VP or 10.4% easier than at 2000pts


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