Call to Arms – Round 4 stats

As yet another round of A Call to Arms draws to a close, its time for the Round 4 stats breakdown. You can find the breakdowns for the previous rounds below.

Stat breakdowns for the previous rounds

We’re now up to a mighty 287 games of Kings of War – across all those games 767,800 points worth of units have been killed.

If an average game on Universal Battle takes 3 hours, Call to Arms has been responsible for 861 hours of Kings of War gameplay, that’s almost 39 days!

Tournament Stats

The scenario this round was Push, using a fixed number of tokens per player (2) and one in the middle of the board as usual.

69/72 games took place this round, with 3 games being decided by the TO due to hitting the round deadline.

Yet again all 26 races were played at least once. Undead have reclaimed their spot as the most popular faction this round – it seems that the mid-round Mhorgoth nerf didn’t do too much to dampen the spirits of all those Undead players.

Order of the Brothermark remain the stalwart bottom of the list. This is particularly surprising when you look at how popular their fellow Brotherhood, the Order of the Green Lady are. I don’t think this low rate of play says much about the strength of the army but for whatever reason they don’t seem to appeal to many players at the moment.

The number of players scoring the maximum 25 points was significantly higher this round. This suggests to me that it was easier to score more bonus points on this scenario – my fellow Northern Kings and I will be looking into the data on this round very carefully to decide if we need to modify how bonus points are scored for Push in future events.

2300 remained the predominant points level with 71% of players choosing to play at that level.

One game was played at 2170 (I checked it wasn’t a typo) – purely so that they could make it on to my chart!

Well there you are!

The number of games that ended in a Draw fell back down to similar levels as Rounds 1 and 2, suggesting that the high number of Draws last round was due to the Kill scenario and not a balancing out of player skill due to the Swiss matching system.

  • Round 1 – Dominate – Draw percentage – 3%
  • Round 2 – Pillage – Draw percentage – 8%
  • Round 3 – Kill – Draw percentage – 21%
  • Round 4 – Push – Draw percentage – 3%

Army Stats

Look at Free Dwarfs go – not one, but two whole wins!! They still only have a 14% win rate, but its better than 0%!

Trident Realms are threating to take the crown from Undead for the army that most consistently score bonus points – Trident Realms are currently 11th in terms of games played but have taken the lead in terms of overall win percentage (see below!).

Both variety of Dwarfs are very much languishing in last place, despite the Free Dwarf’s two glorious wins (I’m not bias, honest). The Dwarfs average points for kills isn’t much lower than the rest of the field, but its their scenario points that are really letting them down. I wonder if their lack of manoeuvrability is preventing them from being able to grab objectives late game and score those few extra bonus points (even in defeat) like other armies can.

Undead have regained the title of ‘most killy’ from Varangur. For the third round running, Goblins remain the most pacifist army out there managing to kill only 51% of the opponents army on average – this is 20% less than the average Undead game.

I’ve pulled out some more detailed stats for the top 10* most played armies. These are the armies with enough results to prevent the averages being skewed too much by a single player.

*I’m actually comparing the top 11, because two armies were tied for 10th place

Trident Realms have toppled Undead for the first time in the tournament, taking the place as the faction with the highest win percentage – can they hold on to it during the last two rounds?

Country Stats

Look at Canada go! Spain has struggled a little this round, winning just one of their games – this opened the door for Canada to jump into the top spot.

In the UK vs US grudge match, the UK has managed to eek out a marginal lead taking it to:

UK 30 – 27 USA

As usual you can find the game rounds here:…/rounds

You can find the current rankings here:…/ladder

Results get entered here:

Mark Cunningham has created a website for the event that’s pretty handy you can find it here:

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