Call to Arms – Round 5 stats

The penultimate round of Call to Arms has just wrapped up with another 70 games taking place this round – that brings us up to a whopping 357 games played so far.

We haven’t quite hit the 1,000,000th kill point yet, but we’re close! The spreadsheet keeps a record of when each result is added so I’ll be able to give a special mention to the players who scores the 1,000,000th point.

After the end of Round 6 I’m going to be using the stats to hand out some extra awards (no prizes except bragging rights!). So far the awards I’m going to hand out are;

  • Bloodiest General (highest kill percentage)
  • Pacifist (lowest kill percentage)
  • Best in Race

If anyone has any ideas for other awards they’d like pulling out, let me know on the Facebook page or in the comments below.

Tournament Stats

The scenario this round was Invade.

This was the first round where not every race was played. The poor Free Dwarfs have clearly fallen out of favour following their glorious two victories last round.

Undead had their most popular round in round 5 – clearly as we get to the end of the tournament people are wanting to play on easy mode!

Order of the Brothermark have seen a small surge in popularity, but still remain at the bottom of the list.

I was a little concerned that Invade might be another scenario where we saw lots of bonus points being scored (like last round), but this doesn’t seem to have been the case.

There also doesn’t seem to be any significant correlation between higher bonus points scored in games played at 2300 points as opposed to 2000. The Northern Kings scoring system was developed in a tournament scene that uses predominately 2000 points and I was a little worried that more units on the board would equal more points scored. But either the additional 300 points doesn’t buy enough units to shift things much or both sides having the additional points cancels each other out in the end.

2300 continued to be the overwhelming favourite points level. We’re very aware that this will partly be due to the fact that its easier to score higher points for kills at 2300 due to the way that the scoring system scales.

It’ll be interesting to see if this preference for 2300 holds in future Call to Arms once we’ve fixed the scaling problem.

The percentage of games ending in a Draw this round held at well below 10%, showing that the spike in round 3 was almost definitely due to the Kill scenario and not a balancing of player skills from Swiss ranking.

  • Round 1 – Dominate – Draw percentage – 3%
  • Round 2 – Pillage – Draw percentage – 8%
  • Round 3 – Kill – Draw percentage – 21%
  • Round 4 – Push – Draw percentage – 3%
  • Round 5 – Invade – Draw percentage – 7%

Army Stats

So in case you missed it Undead had 3 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses in Round 5! Come on people you’re playing with Undead, its supposed to be an easy win!

I wonder if this is a result of the big spike in the number of players choosing to use Undead this round. It stands to reason that some players will be less familiar with the list and will be coming up against players who are more experienced with the lists they’re using.

Following their poor showing this round, Undead have slipped to second in the average number of bonus points scored, taken over by Trident Realms.

And Undead almost lost their top spot in percentage killed after just regaining it last round. Undead are now just 0.4% ahead of Varangur in the fight for the killiest faction.

As usual, I’ve pulled out the same stats as above showing only the Top 10 most played armies. These are the armies with enough results to prevent the averages being skewed too much by a single player.

Trident Realms have retained their 1st place for win percentage, whilst Undead have slid down to 3rd. Abyssal Dwarfs have moved up from 4th to 2nd.

Country Stats

Canada have retained their top spot but Spain have closed the gap. There was seven percentage points between them at the end of Round 4, this has now closed to just two – with Australia just one percentage point behind Spain!

Its going to be an incredibly close finale going into Round 6 and either Canada, Spain or Australia could still emerge as the victorious country.

The UK and the US… probably won’t.

Seeing as we apparently can’t beat the rest of the world, I’m now choosing the focus on the UK vs US grudge match! The UK has managed to slightly extend their lead over the US and now has a five game advantage. Can we hold on to it during Round 6 or will the dastardly ungrateful colonials scoop victory at the last moment?!

UK 39 – 34 USA

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