Call to Arms – Final Results & Awards!

That’s it, we’re done! 429 games of Kings of War played and spanning a total of approximately 1287 hours. That’s 53.6 days of Kings of War goodness. If Call to Arms was working a minimum wage job in the UK, it would have earnt itself £11,222 for all this work (before tax!).

I’ve decided to split the stats for round 6 and the final results and awards into two pages. You can find all of the stats for round 6 on the link below or you can look back at the stats for all six round by clicking here.

Call to Arms – Round 6 stats

And that’s it after 12 weeks and over 400 games we’re done! I’ve split the Round 6 stats and Final Results & Awards into two separate posts. Click on the link below to find the Results and final standings. Tournament Stats The scenario this round was Salt the Earth. We discussed a few different scenarios…

The final standings can be found at the bottom of this page.

So, without further ado I present to you the winners of the illustrious prizes* of A Call to Arms IV

*Actual prizes not included. Bragging rights only.

First Overall
Tom Robinson, United Kingdom

Second Overall
Paul Brown, United Kingdom

Third Overall
Alex Kus, Canada

The Wooden Spoon
Bryce Clark, United States

Bloodiest General
Highest percentage of enemy army killed
Tom Robinson, 93.9%
Alex Kus, 87.4%
Stephen Devenish, 81.9%

The Pacifist
Lowest percentage of enemy army killed
Steve Forster, 31.8%
Richard A Rodgers, 38.8%
Bryce Clark, 40.1%

The Right Place at the Right Time
Scored the 1,000,000th kill point of the tournament
Adam Padley vs Justin Berg, Round 6

Lords of War
Country with the highest win percentage (‘Big five’)
Canada, 50.7%

A Lover Not a Fighter
Country with the lowest win percentage (‘Big five’)
United States, 41.1%

A Breakdown in Diplomacy
Country with the highest average percentage killed
Singapore, 74.7%

Just Taking in the Scenery
Country with the lowest average percentage killed
France, 52.9%

Their People’s Champion
Highest Scoring Player per Country

Exequiel ARG, 111

Stephen Devenish, 128
Andrew Goodman, 123
Tas Stacey, 117

Alex Kus, 130
Mark Campbell, 119
Jesse Bilbija, 113

Czech Republic
Shizunk, 94

Heikka Valja, 91

Fabien Hodot, 80

Manuel Roemisch, 99
Clement Quinson, 94
Daniel Plack, 75

Robert Alexander, 96

Thomas B Aleksandersen, 116
Andreas Orlyng, 95

Page Neo, 117

South Africa
Saul Smith, 68

Luis Serra, 113
Antonio Carrasco, 111
Asier Lopez, 93

United Kingdom
Tom Robinson, 145
Paul Brown, 132
Steven Pearce, 122

United States
Keith Randall, 116
Kris DeGrow, 115
Ryan Munsell, 113

Easily Distracted
Highest Scoring player who changed armies each round
Cyle Pool, 110
Jeremy Duvall, 110
Michael Pearcy, 100

Loyal to the End
Highest Scoring player who played the same army every round
Paul Brown, 132
Alex Kus, 130
Andrew Goodman, 123

Stubborn to a Fault
Lowest Scoring player who played the same army every round
Bryce Clarke, 46

Best in Race

Sit Back, Shoot and Watch the Wins Roll In
Best in Race, Abyssal Dwarfs
1st) Andrew Goodman, 123
2nd) Alan Wigness, 92
3rd) Matt Goody, 84

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an Elohi? No! Its Super Dragon!
Best in Race, Basileans
1st) Mark Campbell, 119
2nd) George Kirke, 91
3rd) Eldon Krosch, 87

Hipsters on Horseback – You can all say you were playing them before they were cool
Best in Race, Order of the Brothermark
1st) Tyler Schulz, 68
2nd) Steve Hildrew, 25
3rd) Tony Winmill, 22

Order of the Magic Hippies
Best in Race, Order of the Green Lady
1st) Page Neo, 117
2nd) Keith Randall, 94
3rd) Jose Vega, 79

Coming Up Short
Best in Race, Dwarfs
1st) Andrew Heinrich, 94
2nd) Asier Lopez, 93
3rd) Fabien Hodot, 80

Who needs Ra4!
Best in Race, Elves
1st) Paul Brown, 132
2nd) Daniel Plack, 67
3rd) Robert Lee, 34

Undead Retirement Home
Best in Race, Empire of Dust
1st) Kris DeGrow, 115
2nd) Adam Ballard, 99
3rd) Robert Alexander, 96

Flower Powers
Best in Race, Forces of Nature
1st) Jeff Traish, 71
2nd) Drew Richardson, 59
3rd) Bryce Clark, 36

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Mastiffs of War!!
Best in Race, Free Dwarfs
1st) Bob Aspland, 49
2nd) Billy Smith, 47
3rd) Michael Pearcy, 22

Its Fun to be Bad
Best in Race, Forces of the Abyss
1st) Clement Quinson, 94
2nd) Juancho Bernabeu, 81
3rd) Todd Serpico, 56

The Greenie Meanies
Best in Race, Goblins
1st) Stephen Devenish, 49
2nd) Steve Forster, 43
3rd) Rian James, 41

Perfectly Average in Every Way
Best in Race, Kingdoms of Men
1st) Exequiel ARG, 102
2nd) Garrett Mercier, 82
3rd) Gareth Davies, 53

They’re Talking the Halfling to Isenguard, to Isenguard
Best in Race, League of Rhordia
1st) Tom Robinson, 96
2nd) Shizunk, 32
3rd) Brindley Smith, 30

They Find You Very Inspiring
Best in Race, Nightstalkers
1st)Robert Allen, 93
2nd) Blake Robertson, 86
3rd) Erasmus Burger, 82

Lets it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back any more!
Best in Race, Northern Alliance
1st) Tas Stacey, 117
2nd) Jeff Horton, 90
3rd) Chris Fisher, 84

Get Ogre it!
Best in Race, Ogres
1st) Josh Rosado, 88
2nd) Matt Young, 82
3rd) Mike Szedlmayer, 71

Well this is Orc’ward
Best in Race, Orcs
1st) Kara Brown, 86
2nd) Mathew Vermeiren, 86
3rd) Andy Marshall, 61

Getting a bit Ratty
Best in Race, Ratkin
1st) Si Brand, 108
2nd) Dan Miner, 79
3rd) Joseph Greek, 70

I’m a, Slave 4 U
Best in Race, Ratkin Slaves
1st) Mark Cunningham, 86
2nd) Mike Smith, 79
3rd) Richard Rodgers, 54

The New Hotness
Best in Race, Salamanders
1st) Dan Zarembski, 108
2nd) Ryan Munsell, 107
3rd) Jacob Datta, 102

Wiltfather SMASH!
Best in Race, Sylvan Kin
1st) Ed Herzig, 121
2nd) Visibly Riley, 23
3rd) Tim Lonas, 17

Letting Out Your Wild Side
Best in Race, The Herd
1st) Andreas Orlyng, 95
2nd) Manuel Roemisch, 89
3rd) Yan Lai, 69

Crab People, Crab People
Best in Race, Trident Realm
1st) Ray Shields, 113
2nd) Matt Gee, 103
3rd) Ben Johnson, 97

The Bad Boys of Pannithor
Best in Race, Twilight Kin
1st) Thomas B Aleksandersen, 116
2nd) Kyle Przelenski, 94
3rd) James Mitchell, 90

Playing on Easy Mode?
Best in Race, Undead
1st) Alex Kus, 130
2nd) Luis Serra, 113
3rd) Antonio Carrasco, 111

The Edgier Version of Northern Alliance
Best in Race, Varangur
1st) Daniel King, 103
2nd) Billy Henninger, 89
3rd) Brian Cessna, 78

Final Standings

NameCountryTotal points scored /150Average Percentage Killed
1stTom RobinsonUnited Kingdom14593.9%
2ndPaul BrownUnited Kingdom13274.7%
3rdAlex KusCanada13087.4%
4thStephen DevenishAustralia12881.9%
5thAndrew GoodmanAustralia12381.6%
6thSteven PearceUnited Kingdom12270.9%
7thEd HerzigUnited Kingdom12175.3%
8thBen JohnsonUnited Kingdom12156.9%
9thMark CampbellCanada11977.8%
10thPage NeoSingapore11774.7%
11thTas StaceyAustralia11769.7%
12thThomas B AleksandersenNorway11674.2%
13thJeffrey TraishAustralia11671.0%
14thKeith W. RandallUnited States11654.8%
15thKris DeGrowUnited States11568.7%
16thJesse BilbijaCanada11379.1%
17thLuis SerraSpain11373.2%
18thRyan MunsellUnited States11372.0%
19thRay ShieldsCanada11369.3%
20thAntonio CarrascoSpain11174.8%
21stExequiel FerreryaArgentina11171.9%
22ndMike AdkinsUnited States11074.8%
23rdCyle PoolUnited States11068.4%
24thJeremy DuvallUnited States11063.5%
25thTom AnnisUnited States10975.6%
26thDan ZarembskiUnited States10862.2%
27thShannon ShoemakerUnited States10860.9%
28thKeith ConroyUnited States10858.8%
29thSi BrandUnited Kingdom10857.8%
30thRashad NavidiUnited States10761.7%
31stYan LaiAustralia10760.0%
32ndChris FisherUnited States10666.8%
33rdNic MurrayUnited States10661.2%
34thbrindley smithCanada10572.1%
35thMathew VermeirenCanada10567.8%
36thBlake ShrodeUnited States10556.5%
37thMarc TaylorUnited States10471.1%
38thJoseph GreekUnited States10465.9%
39thAlan WignessUnited States10371.6%
40thMatt YoungUnited States10371.1%
41stDaniel KingUnited Kingdom10369.7%
42ndKyle PietschUnited States10362.3%
43rdJose VegaUnited States10358.2%
44thMatt GeeUnited Kingdom10357.5%
45thJay HopUnited Kingdom10353.5%
46thMike szedlmayerUnited States10273.9%
47thJacob DattaUnited States10266.4%
48thSteve HildrewUnited Kingdom10261.4%
49thDru MooreAustralia10062.6%
50thMichael PearcyUnited States10051.5%
51stAdam BallardUnited States9973.3%
52ndManuel RoemischGermany9969.4%
53rdTim LonasUnited States9960.0%
54thChris ChristophersonUnited Kingdom9866.1%
55thJosh RosadoUnited States9856.9%
56thGrant FetterUnited States9751.0%
57thJustin BergUnited States9744.1%
58thBilly HenningerUnited States9671.6%
59thRobert AlexanderIreland9667.3%
60thElliot MorrishUnited Kingdom9661.8%
61stAndreas OrlyngNorway9571.3%
62ndKyle PrzelenskiUnited States9466.4%
63rdRobert LeeUnited States9466.3%
64thKara BrownUnited States9463.8%
65thAndrew HeinrichUnited States9461.6%
66thClément QuinsonGermany9458.9%
67thShizunkCzech republic9458.3%
68thMatt CrogerAustralia9451.3%
69thRobert AllenUnited States9369.7%
70thAsier LopezSpain9368.7%
71stBen RantallAustralia9366.6%
72ndMatt GoodyUnited Kingdom9364.8%
73rdJohn DouglasUnited States9364.1%
74thPatrick Zoro AllenUnited States9363.9%
75thVisibly RileyUnited States9253.8%
76thGeorge KirkeUnited Kingdom9166.4%
77thHeikka ValjaFinland9158.8%
78thTodd SerpicoUnited States9158.6%
79thChris J. SmithUnited Kingdom9156.0%
80thJeff HortonUnited Kingdom9064.2%
81stZach ClarkUnited States9063.7%
82ndDevlin SmithUnited States9060.2%
83rdJames MitchellUnited Kingdom9059.7%
84thDrew RichardsonUnited States9058.1%
85thJohn GreenUnited States9053.5%
86thSam SowdenSpain8958.1%
87thCole FournierCanada8950.6%
88thEldon Krosch Jr.United States8742.8%
89thMark CunninghamUnited Kingdom8666.6%
90thJustin Gisby-ClarkUnited Kingdom8649.1%
91stBlake RobertsonUnited States8647.0%
92ndJames McLeanUnited States8562.9%
93rdBrian CessnaUnited States8546.7%
94thKevin DerringtonUnited Kingdom8360.5%
95thBrian LuttrellUnited States8356.8%
96thGarrett MercierUnited States8271.1%
97thErasmus BurgerCanada8251.4%
98thAndy MarshallUnited Kingdom8249.3%
99thChristopher DwaneUnited Kingdom8248.9%
100thMichael ClarkeAustralia8163.3%
101stNathan ClevengerUnited States8159.1%
102ndAdam PadleyUnited Kingdom8157.9%
103rdNickolas DuongUnited States8157.0%
104thJuancho BernabeuSpain8156.1%
105thSteve ForsterUnited States8138.3%
106thFabien HodotFrance8053.0%
107thMike SmithUnited Kingdom7955.5%
108thDan MinerCanada7955.5%
109thJay RosadoCanada7954.6%
110thNick LegrandAustralia7843.8%
111thJimmy StoutUnited States7843.3%
112thtony winmillAustralia7660.7%
113thPatrick JusticeUnited States7660.1%
114thDaniel PlackGermany7554.2%
115thGareth DaviesCanada7454.8%
116thZac ChapderlaneUnited States7451.9%
117thMax BennettUnited Kingdom7350.1%
118thMark NicholasUnited Kingdom7342.4%
119thChris ButterworthUnited Kingdom7245.0%
120thTrevor YounghusbandAustralia7159.8%
121stAnh Le/ Bob RodaUnited States7042.0%
122ndMatthew LaingAustralia6961.6%
123rdRyan Wuebbles (The Professor)United States6961.3%
124thNathan ArnoldUnited States6949.0%
125thTyler SchulzUnited States6857.5%
126thSaul SmithSouth Africa6857.0%
127thMarcus LeSilexUnited States6851.6%
128thHarry HopkinsUnited Kingdom6742.3%
129thJJ JonesUnited States6645.5%
130thFelix CastroUnited States6557.1%
131stSean BrennenUnited States6250.5%
132ndJose Maria MenendezSpain6172.9%
133rdRandy DavisUnited States6047.5%
134thBob AsplandUnited Kingdom5847.8%
135thRichard A RodgersUnited States5438.8%
136thRian jamesUnited Kingdom5144.5%
137thBryce ClarkUnited States4640.1%

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