Call to Arms 5 – Round 1 & 2 Stats

Ok ok, I know I’m late! Sadly real life has got the better of me the past few weeks and I’ve had to focus on work rather than toy soliders. So a little later than planned I can finally present to you….

Round 1 & 2 stats for Call to Arms 5!

Tournament Stats

The scenario for round 1 was Plunder and round 2 was Dominate. There are 120 players this time around, from 15 different countries.

For the first time on Call to Arms, players have been asked to all play their games on the same map. The maps so far have all been designed by yours truly and I think its fair to say that they have split opinions!

The design of each map has been focused on making players think about having to either design their list or change how they play a little differently to your usual ‘vanilla’ Kings of War map. But let me know, have you enjoyed the maps so far or would you prefer us to go back to more standard symertrical maps?

During Round 1, there were 6 Draws, dropping to 0 in Round 2. I was surprised by that as I often find that Dominate is one of the easier scenarios to Draw on.

Its clear to see that the recent changes to Undead (and to a lesser extent Empire of Dust) in the CoK21 balance changes hasn’t done much to dampen Undead player’s enthusiasm. Either wet or dry, Undead are still the most popular army by quite a way in the opening rounds.

Both version of the Brotherhood are currently languishing unloved at the bottom of the pile. I’m sure there are some valiant Brotherhood generals out there that can show us all what they’re capable of – if nothing else it would be a fairly easy way to win yourself a ‘Best in Race’ award.

Army Stats

While it is still early days, a couple of armies have already started to pull ahead in terms of Win percentage. The biggest winners so far are the Nightstalkers, with an impressive 72.7% win percentage from 11 games – Nightstalkers are the army to beat going into the final four rounds.

Nightstalkers haven’t just won, they’ve won big. They’re currently topping the tables for both Kill Percentage and Bonus Points scored.

Country Stats

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