Call to Arms 5 – Round 5 stats

Tournament Stats

The scenario for this round was Control. Control always makes my head hurt – having to do the maths in Turn 6, especially on the clock seems simple on paper but I always seem to mess it up.

For those of you that played at the recommended 1800 points this round (and 83% of you did), Control presented an even greater challenge than usual as you were left trying to cover the entire board with fewer units.

The average score per round again remained very consistent with previous rounds – go Northern Kings Scoring System!

Image may contain: text that says "Difficult Height9 Blocking Height Hill Height3 Blocking Height9 Hill Height 3 Difficult Height 9 Difficult Height 9 Difficult Flat Blocking Height 9"

Where as last round, everything on the map was very small, this round everything was very tall. Once again I head cries that this was a map where Pathfinder armies would rule, despite their being no difficult terrain in a large section of the middle of the board. Interestingly I see these kind of reactions whenever a map is presented that skews one way or another, but they haven’t once panned out in the results yet.

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve not designed the map for Round 6, so you might actually get a balanced game this time. How boring will that be!

I know that table below might be a bit small to show up on smaller screens, but I thought it was interesting to show how different armies got on in different rounds.

Empire of Dust continue to top the table as the most popular army to play, but there was a fairly even spread of different armies played this round… apart from Brothermark. No one seems to like Brothermark.

Army Stats

Once again, I’ve pulled out the stats separately for the top 10 most played armies as these are the ones with enough data to be able to compare against each other with any kind of reliability.

The Abyssal Dwarfs entered the Top 10 most played lists this round (they were 11th last round) and in doing so immediately jumped to the top of the table for win percentage – and that’s despite them having a pretty dreadful Round 5.

Country Stats

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