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Army Review

While I am a big fan of the traditional army review format, they usually only show the opinion of one person playing in one particular meta. In reality even within the same gaming group, there is often a lot of disagreement over which units are top tier and which leave a lot to be desired. So I’ve decided to format these army reviews in a way that captures that debate.  

Each review will be made up of the opinions of four different players; either players who know the army well or regularly plays against it. I’m going to try and ensure that the players who review each army come from a wide variety of different gaming backgrounds and different parts of the world.

Dwarfs – 05/03/2021

Elves – 29/01/2021

Forces of Basilea – 28/02/2021

Forces of the Abyss – 26/03/2021

Order of the Green Lady – 05/02/2021

Ratkin Slaves – 12/03/2021

Trident Realm – 22/01/2021

Twilight Kin – 18/01/2021

Undead – 19/03/2021

Rise of the Underdog

Rise of the Underdogs in a series where I ask a top Kings of War player to give their take on an army that is traditionally seen as a weaker choice. They will present an example army list and talk through their reason behind how they came up with the list.

Rise of the Underdog: Free Dwarfs – Elliot M

Rise of the Underdogs: Ratkin Slaves – Nick W

Rise of the Underdogs: League of Rhorida – Tom R

Rise of the Underdogs: Kingdoms of Men – Adam P

Clash of Kings 2022 – First Impressions

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