Road to Cologne – Facemasks, Painting and Beer

There really is no motivator like a looming deadline.

A few days ago I shared the list I’m going to be bringing to the Kings of War GT Germany.

At that point I only had two units painted, the Abyssal Horsemen. Since then I’ve been painting my socks off and have somehow managed to get the majority of the army finished – only four characters left to go.

Gifts From a Foreign Land

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed when other players go off to tournaments abroad, is the tradition of bringing gifts to hand out to your opponent – a sort of cultural exchange.

Alongside the usual custom dice, I’ve decided to share some of the fine produce of Yorkshire. Or at least, things that I can fit in my suitcase that has Yorkshire written on in!

I’m very tempted to whip up a batch of Yorkshire puddings in my AirBnB the morning of the tourament.

One part of tournament prep that has changed since my last event, is having to decide what facemask to bring. Masks are required throughout the event, along with a few other restrictions like not standing around tables etc. I have to give a big shoutout to Wolfgang the TO, who has done an excellent job of keeping us all up to date with the most recent situation and requiremts regarding COVID.

Masks are uncomfortable and I don’t like wearing them, but they’re a very small price to pay if it means we can safely meet up to play games again.

The Army

I’m not much of a painter and even by my standards this isn’t my best work, but seeing as I painted all of the models below in under a week, I’m pretty happy with the results.

This is my first 100% Mantic army and I have to say I’ve been constantly surprised by how good their models look when you get them in your hands. The Elf range was the biggest surprise as I’ve always been put off by the photography on the Mantic website in the past.

I’ve got a warm up game this Thursday where I’ll be using the army (and the list) for the very first time so I’ll grab some photos of the completed army then.

And then it’s off to the airport Friday morning – I genuinely can’t wait.