Call to Arms 5 – Round 4 stats

Tournament Stats

The scenario for Round 4 was Loot, a scenario that I don’t see used very often anymore. It seems to have been overtaken by the more trendy newer variants of Loot; Plunder and Push – which are incidentally two of my favourite scenarios.

The number of Drawn games stayed high this round, but I was far less surprised to see this than I was for Raze. With only three opportunities to score points, Loot is a scenario that lends itself to a lot of Draws. This is something that a TO might want to keep in mind – if they find that a lot of players are ending up with similar results, introducing a scenario like Loot into round four of your event could help split up the field more by introducing a higher number of Draws.

Again, its nice to see that the Northern Kings Scoring System is looking healthy for Loot, with the average score for winning a game holding within a 0.3 range across the entire event so far.

The map for this round was… divisive. I introduced a few things that you would never normally see on a table including Height zero and two blocking terrain. There was also nothing on the table higher than Height 2.

I’m not sure if anyone loved it, but plenty of people hated it. People threatened to drop out of the event and I was told that this would be a round dominated by Nightstalkers and war engines.

I was told me that you were going to get instantly shot off the board, unless of course you’d brought Nightstalkers in which case you’d be laughing. I was curious if this was the case so I pulled up the win percentage for each round for Nightstalker, Goblins and Abyssal Dwarfs (the two main war engine shooting lists).

Not exactly what I’d call a walk over… Nightstalkers had their worst round yet and the two shooting heavy armies performed no better or worse than they have in previous rounds.

I’m planning on writing an article on the thinking behind all of the Call to Arms maps after the sixth map is released, but in a nutshell the whole idea behind them is to give people a different challenge and to let them think about terrain in a way that they normally wouldn’t.

For many people (me included) hobby burnout is becoming a real issue during lockdown, so the hope with the different styles of maps was to give people the chance to try something new and experience a different challenge.

The Call to Arms TOs are split on what kind of maps to use in future events, so if you’ve liked the different maps, do let us know. It’d be good to know if people want to see something like these again in the future or if you’d prefer us to go back to a more ‘standard’ Epic Dwarf style of map.

Dry Undead have taken the lead in terms of popularity this round. Nightstalkers were the most popular faction this round (probably because people believed that the map would lead to them getting shot at), but this was also Nightstalkers worst performing round in terms of win percentage.

Army Stats

Look at Free Dwarfs go! Scoring the highest average bonus points! Of course that doesn’t mean a whole lot because they’ve only been used 7 times, compared to the Empire of Dust who have been used 33 times, but still… go Free Dwarfs!

Seeing as there are now such wide gaps between army usage, I’ve decided to pull out the figures just for the top 10 most used factions. This allows us to properly compare the different armies as we have a good amount of games played for them.

Undead are starting to slowly pull away in terms of win percentage, but Nightstalkers are holding on to the top spot in terms of percentage of the enemy killed.

Country Stats

Norway is clearly OP and needs a nerf.

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