Call to Arms – Round 6 stats

And that’s it after 12 weeks and over 400 games we’re done!

I’ve split the Round 6 stats and Final Results & Awards into two separate posts. Click on the link below to find the Results and final standings.

Tournament Stats

The scenario this round was Salt the Earth. We discussed a few different scenarios for the final round, but liked the concept of this scenario as players would have an idea of how big a win they would need to achieve the final position they were after.

Did any of you choose not to ‘burn’ an objective you otherwise would have done because you wanted the opportunity to score maximum bonus points?

Undead end the tournament as far and away the most popular army with 28 more games played than its nearest rivals. Other than that, there was a great spread of races played.

Third edition definitely seems to have seen a surge in the popularity of Salamanders and I think as the edition progresses, they’ll take their place as one of the most commonly seen armies.

The majority of players changed the race they used at least once during the tournament, but a significant chunk (45%) stuck with the same army all the way through.

Interestingly, the average number of bonus points scored for scenario was actually slightly higher this round than it was for Pillage. I wondered if two bonus points for the centre token was overly generous but looking at the table to the right it looks about perfect.

The Northern Kings are going to be doing a full review of the scoring system based on the feedback of this event and we’ll be tweaking the way bonus points are scored – my aim is to get the average amount of bonus points for a win as close to 4.0 as possible.

Army Stats

I was a little surprised to see that Northern Alliance have the lowest win:loss ratio of the tournament – I personally think Northern Alliance are a really strong list with lost of potential. But they’re also a brand new army with a new play style that players are still figuring out, so I think its far too early to make any conclusions about army balance.

I was far less surprised to see Abyssal Dwarfs and Undead out from with a +13 and +12 win:loss ratio respectively.

Overall I think the win:loss ratio show a very healthy game state. There a few outliers but the vast majority of armies are sat within an acceptable range. Don’t forget as well, that this only represents the result of one (all be it very large) tournament so take all of the results with a pinch of salt.

In Round 6 Undead pushed themselves back into the top spot for the highest average bonus points scored.

No change on the very top spot between round 5 and 6, but lots of change further down. Abyssal Dwarfs, Elves and Ogres making a last minute push getting themselves up into the top 5 for percentage killed.

As usual, I’ve pulled out the same stats as above showing only the Top 10 most played armies. These are the armies with enough results to prevent the averages being skewed too much by a single player.

Abyssal Dwarfs end the tournament as the army with the highest win percentage, narrowly beating out The Order of the Green Lady.

Country Stats

Congratulations to Canada! JUST holding on to their top spot by 0.7%!

It couldn’t really have been closer between Canada, Australia and Spain at the end with the difference between 2nd and 3rd place coming down to the number of Draws.

The UK vs US side event (that exists purely in my mind) came down to the wire as well with the US very nearly closing the 5 game gap that had opened up at the end of Round 5.

UK 43 – 41 USA

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  1. Thank you once again for all your work presenting these stats. I greatly appreciate reading your thoughts and have tried to show my appreciation. Cheers!


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